Chemistry. How would you describe it? When is the last time you’ve experienced this moment? Life’s most precious experiences are made up of moments where the chemistry is at its peak. Now if you think chemistry refers to only love, you are wrong. Chemistry is created with any person; whether it’s a lover, stranger, friend or family member. In today’s urban lingo, we even like to call this “good vibes”. I believe surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the most powerful things you can do to better yourself.

Life is short, so why would you ever want to surround yourself with people that give off negative energy? They say you can judge a person by the people they surround themselves with, which I believe to be true. I think it is really important for us to sometimes sit back, fall into third-person and start observing the type of influence we associate ourselves with. Things are complex, and even this isn’t always simply black and white. Sometimes you don’t even notice the negative energy others may radiate without stepping back into observation mode.

As for this poem, I began with the concept of “chemistry”. My mission was to capture what chemistry meant and spill it into a short poem (or a card in the poetry deck). When I thought about what common thread ties all great moments of chemistry together, I realized it’s the escape of time. I’m sure everyone reading this has experienced a good moment with someone where they wondered how the time just flew by. In the best of these moments, we sometimes can’t even believe the amount of time that has quickly passed us by. Now let me flip the switch and put it differently. Take a second and just think about the worse times you’ve had with others in life. I bet you the time was surely not flying you by, if anything, you were probably wondering why the hell it’s moving so damn slow. Well this is chemistry, and chasing those good vibes is something we could all always use more of.

– S.Grewal