Sometimes the world fails you. The cards don’t always line up in your favor every single day. This is the duality of life. So find yourself a passion or a hobby that lights your inner fuse and gives you a mental escape or safe haven. Our minds are so powerful. They are an ever absorbing and evolving mechanism. Some find their peace and joy in reading poetry or books and others may find it in music and art. Everyone needs something.

I believe these things are far beyond mere forms of entertainment. As humans, we become emotionally tangled with it and subconsciously interact, morphing our moods along the way. We can easily build ourselves up or break ourselves down depending on what we consume. I personally have music for every scenario in my life, fitting the right soundtrack to enhance my atmospheric vibes. Whether it’s music for partying, relaxing, or having a night cruise in my city to zone out.

For those of you who follow my work, you may have noticed the versatile switches in my poems. My work has a duality, in which I like to write poetic pieces such as this or Dreamless, and sometimes pieces full of wisdom or ideas on life such as Chemistry. The poetic ones are left for your mind to unravel and make of it what you will, make it your own!

– S.Grewal