The corona pandemic really has put our world upside down as we all are globally experiencing the magnitude. This piece in the Deck was inspired by this moment in time, in which I wanted to capture its entirety in a nutshell. Self-isolation has us looking within ourselves as we discover sides we never had to before. It feels as if someone pressed the pause button on the world we are so familiar with and sometimes even take for granted.

On the flip side, Mother Nature is surely healing away from our absence and this is perhaps the silver lining in it all. Humanity is facing the same enemy and being put in a position where global cooperation and harmony are needed now more than ever. This is the perfect time to spend with one-self and family. I believe we should also use this time to pursue something we are passionate about and spark our creativity in any form we please (write, sing, paint, draw, create, design, etc). The intangible value of artists throughout the world really shines during these times, as they are the ones who keep us entertained and inspired.

– S.Grewal