The world has so much to explore, and so does the world within you. Everyday we have the ability to improve ourselves and sharpen every edge. Exploring our depths is key to becoming the better versions of ourselves. Venturing out to the unseen places inside us will always enrich aspects of our character. Think about how you’ve discovered some of your passions or hobbies in life. You had to experiment to find a chord that strikes within you. Imagine you never tried it and lived your entire life never knowing what you can love so damn much. This curiosity or desire to mine deep into your core is invaluable.

Finding out what you love, hate, are good and bad at will always bring you closer to your true self. Never assume you have yourself fully mapped out. Step outside your comfort zone or natural patterns to continuously unlock your new parts. Treat yourself as if undiscovered treasures aka potential always exist within you. We live in a world where everyone judges, yet we have it backwards when we give power to other people’s perception. Why worry about what the world thinks when you can leave them no option but to know the real you. Put the power back inside yourself and watch the world around you sync into place.

– S.Grewal