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Born in Toronto, S.Grewal is a poet known for his potent style of poetry ranging across various themes such as inspiration, romance, lyrical prose and wisdom. Every poetic card is titled, capturing its essence in a few set of words layered with depth for the reader to unravel. The Deck of Poetry can be viewed as a gallery of poetic cards that offer a rich mosaic of carefully crafted wordplay. There is something for everyone in the diverse Deck – so come find your card. ‘Chemistry’, ‘Artist’, and ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ are just some examples out of the many to ponder upon. Explore the alluring Deck of Poetry and find cards that resonate with you.

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– Leonel Wasim


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Comedy, Short Film, 2018


Comedy, Short Film, 2018


Comedy, Short Film, 2018


Comedy, Short Film, 2018

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