Raw Deck


She moves as if
the ocean in swift motion.
She moves as if
the world does not see her.
She moves as if
society cannot teach her.
She moves as if
the ground is not beneath her.
She moves, she moves…
spreading her contagious ether.


Society tends to
paint all rebels
in a negative light.
Yet the rebel mind
has been responsible
for all great changes
both good and bad.


What a contradictory world
we all live in.
People strongly judge
those who are too different
yet undervalue those too similar.
Moral of the story is
always be yourself
it is the only thing
you’ll ever truly own.


I turn her
into poetry
only if her love
and vibrancy
deserves to be set
in words of stone.


Self isolation
has our world upside down
and us looking within.
Capitalism is on pause
nature is healing at our cost
and humanity is seeking harmony
in all the ways it has lost.


There are no regrets
in this world.
Every mistake
is a hidden lesson
another undiscovered
ocean pearl.


Why don’t you come
and tell me…
what is going on inside
that beautiful mind?
Let me come visit
and cut through
all of those grapevines.


Diamond hearted
and minded.
Cannot be easily broken
nor founded.
Replenish continously
as a fountain.


She’s the type
that can touch
a flower
and leave it filled
with immortality.


Don’t blindly
just follow trends
and lose your very edges
in a world full of pretend.
Everytime you do
your character blends
as it starts to become
more and more shallow
…a hollow den.


She plays the keys
the same way she plays
the chords of life.
Elegance in her flow
her aura is dipped inside
musical notes…
cutting sharp as knife.
The Queen of Harmony
life with her is an endless
piece of music.


Visionary wolf…
alpha state of mind.
Never phased by sheep
they are of an inferior design.
Witness my jaws
grip onto the world’s neck
just so I can feel
my thoughts come alive.
Create the path which I seek
I was never made for the hives.


Forever addicted
to all that is creation.
I am a creator
creative creations
from the midst of thin air…
as if I am a magician
capable of fooling magic
or bringing hope to despair.


Scenic conversations.
Who would’ve guessed
that a dance between
two synchronized voices
could become so raw
and adventurous.
Tapping into many
undiscovered places
the chemistry of our minds
can build up an oasis.


Forget about your zodiac signs…
my wordplay represents
the right hemisphere.
Word perfectionist
come observe at this…
and you will find no blemish here.
My thoughts enter the matrix
ink in blood is my drug fix
touching minds is contagious
I let it spill in many stages
and watch as poetry appears.


Her heart is rich & complex
as if one’s running around naked
in the Amazon jungle for context.
Carefully watering the right flowers
and eating off all the right trees…
no poison found in these streams
as her ecosystem stays clean.
They say the best love is both
dangerous enough to kill
yet sweet enough to please.


So many are focused
on chasing the latest
designer brands…
forgetting to ever truly
design themselves
from the inside out.


She roams
around the world
so timeless…
as everything about her
makes the time disappear.


Between the moment
I enter deep thoughts
that start to come alive
and every final word I inscribe
the world truly feels
gripped inside…
the palm of my hands.


The city never sleeps
as the matrix
runs far too deep.
From the lone wolves
to the flooded sheep
and everything else
that fits right in between;
it’s the beautiful and damned scene.


She is so damn wild.
Flower through concrete.
Lucid dreams without sleep.
Dopamine rushes yet she’s so clean.
Lives freely outside the world’s seams.
Never will she bend for any man’s keep.
She ascends, never pretends, she’s soul-deep.


A logical heart
will never experience
the richness
the sharpness
the deepness
the beat miss
experienced by
a wild heart.


She’s a walking
amongst us mere mortals.
Her every smile
opens portrals
that’ll leave you
curiously stuck inside
the paranormal.


Fill your life’s vase
with the ingredients
of your soul & self.
The emptier the vase
the more it’ll attract
unwanted people to manipulate
the strings of your life.
Good things in life
require no extra space
they become a part of you.


She’s beautiful
beautifully fine.
Her intellectual mind
has a beautiful design.
Cutting past every grapevine
her love keeps me aligned
somewhere between her
my desires and time.


The charm radiates deep
as the oceans depth.
Every move I make
inhales her breath.
Slowly casting away
all of her fears from
life’s inescapable death.


An elusive Phantom
to all the hatred
I am touchless
for the basic.
They cannot fathom
the greatness
so they scavenge
and shape-shift.
The difference
in our souls is
only one’s mask-less.


Her heart – my curvy island.
Her thoughts – the dark flood.
I’m steady staying ashore
cause ain’t no life jacket
that’ll float in bad blood.


Explore all those
hidden and forbidden
islands within you.
Become your true self
and the world will have
no other choice
but to know the real you.


Knowing the world
can never save her
she finds security
in words of meaning
to slay her demons.
Building herself castles
with sharpened swords
she is that rare blue rose
with a thousand thorns.


I seek the type of
where the only sign
is never enough time.


You cannot impress
the entire world…
as it was never
made to be won.


Verbal assassin…
I load words as the bullets
and use this mind as a weapon.
Call me the Word-Smith & Wesson
shooting out poetic confessions.


Everytime we bond
it is so seamless.
Feels as if we are
walking on water
laying on clouds
gliding over reality
defying laws of gravity
carving out our dreams
for all of the nights
we fall dreamless.


Most people maneuver
around the world covered
with self-painted colors.
It’s far more beautiful & rich
to roam with an empty canvas
and let the world be your artist.


World full of prices
yet you are so priceless.
Like everything else
that fades away
on this earth
money cannot capture
your life’s essence…
your endangered worth.


You cannot change
the true core of a person.
A snake can shed it’s skin
all life long…
yet it will still be a snake.


Beyond the physical elegance
of classy suits, watches and boots,
a gentleman in the truest sense
is embodied only through character
traceable by the sprout of one’s roots.


Society tends to
paint all rebels
in a negative light.
Yet the rebel mind
has been responsible
for all great changes;
both good and bad.



Sharpen your mind
with the same intent
a superior blacksmith would sharpen
the mighty sword for his beloved King
in the dark midst of the greatest war.

LIGHT (Haiku)

The dark sky anchors
yet the ship of light can’t drown.
It rights every left.



Remain malleable;
always keep fire
in the chamber
to consistently
mold & evolve
your manual.